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Music heals my soul

Music, the intergalactic language.
The sound that tames the savage beast. The very elixir of our soul. At each and every milestone, celebration and challenge in my life, music has been an integral factor, music has always been, and remains, my very oxygen, the sustenance which carries me.
The soundtrack of my life has been laced and graced with music.
We are of, and from, music.
May the music of your life guide you and carry you. Live your life as a symphony allowing richness and beauty to abound. Sing your life out loud and invite others to join your chorus. Let the music of your life resound to heights beyond your boundaries.
May your heart sing and your soul lift.
Embrace the soundtrack of your life!

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There is music in everything.
The very sound the earth and universe emit at the very moment of our birth sets the tone and beat of our very lives.

The resonance that emanates, announcing our arrival into the grand scheme, radiates throughout the universe heralding the fact we are now a small part of the greater whole. We begin our lives at the inception of this sound, this vibration, and we live our lives in sync with this rhythm.

As we go along, day after day, we move in unison with the beat that was set at the very start, the beat that carries us throughout our journey.

But alas, the day does come when our hearts no longer beat in concert with the tempo and cadence of the planet, but rather, are called to join in the ultimate pulse of the cosmos.

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Funk Off Radio by SoulFreak

Music is the Sunshine for the Soul...and the Ears / Free your mind, listen to the music and your body will follow...

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